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 About Us
Bonnie Miller, DCH
Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Methodist Health System Foundation, Inc

Main Office:
360 Oak Harbor Blvd., Slidell, LA 70458
985-726-9333 ext 118 

Satellite Office:
#5 Orleans Drive.#2, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
News - Hypnotherapy Services of MHSF
In conjunction with the MHSF main offices in Slidell, LA,  Methodist Hypnotherapy Services is now offering satellite offices in Hattiesburg individuals, groups, classes as well as corporate programs.
This exciting opportunity will afford those of you who have not had accessibility to Hypnotherapeutic services in the past few years to regain a supportive and effective resource for your health and wellbeing.
We cordially invite you to explore your options of self healing through Hypnotherapy and  I am delighted to offer to my past, present and future Mississippi/Alabama clients an option of accessibility.
I look forward to hearing from you. All information and scheduling will remain through the Slidell office; phone: 985-726-9333 ext. 118 and email: bmiller@mhsfi.org.
Love and blessings to you all,
Take a nice deep breath and have a great day,
Bonnie Miller, Director
Providence Pointe
A place to find your connection to your source.
As the earth changes from season to season, so too humans move, change and evolve. We are born, we are nurtured, we nurture, and we become dormant. So much like a tree, us humans are, except when we become dormant we take on invisibility. How strange and wonderful a time, it must be for humans to take on invisibility.
Much like the caterpillar, I suppose. 
After a period of dormancy, invisible from human view; a profound and delightful transformation occurs. What might have been the perception of dormancy is in actually transcendence; Changing into a whole new creature...from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Once grounded on the earth experiencing life through its limited capacity of creeping upon the ground; awakening now into a majestic winged instrument of pollination, soaring freely through the sky.
We have much to learn from nature.
We too, are changing and evolving, ever searching through our deeply rooted beliefs and limitless possibilities. As we will go through periods of darkness before awakening to the light of awareness, we often require a guide to listen, to share, to hold the light for us while we walk our walk. You need not feel alone and frightened of what your future holds and the changes that may need changing.
I will hold the light for you...
 Bonnie Miller
    Paul G. Durbin       
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